Safety Policy

At JCL, we adhere strictly to all health and safety protocols. We are committed to ensuring that, all practicable, health and safety of our workers, sub-contractors, guest, and customers on site are well protected. We take pride in preventing accidents and also take appropriate measures to ensure the avoidance of incidents in our factory and sites

Roofing Contracting Policy

We understand the contracting detailing because of our experiences with clients in the private and public sectors. We provide free estimation and advice to all our clients.

Quality Policy

Our business is to provide high-quality, well designed professional building construction solutions to our enthusiastic clients through a specialist approach to the building process with special emphasis to cost management, scheduling, attention to detail and analysing complex roofing issues

Environmental Policy

At JCL we are committed to minimize waste and pollution from roof construction. We make sure we implement all the environmental processes sanctioned by Environmental Protection Agency and the local assemblies.